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Privacy & Security Policies

According to our privacy policy we don’t send spam neither ask for personal data to be sent to us by e-mail. If you receive a message requesting personal information, please contact us by sending an email to

Privacy Policy

In order to improve the quality of navigation and functionalities of the website, BRQ collects statistical and analytical information, generally linked to technical aspects or related to navigation on the website. The data can be collected and stored through cookies – text files containing identification information that are stored on your computer -, server scripts (PHP, ASP, etc.), in client (JavaScript) or in third party tools. Although cookies are not harmful to the equipment, the user is free to refuse their use simply by accessing the settings of the browser, as well as preventing the execution of JavaScript.

Cookies Policy

BRQ SOLUÇÕES EM INFORMÁTICA S/A adopts the following information security policy to ensure that all Information Security objectives are met, which are as follows:

  • Establish guidelines and standards that allow employees and service providers to follow desirable and acceptable patterns of behavior, in accordance with legality and global best practices, in order to mitigate technical and legal risks;
  • Guide the definition of specific Information Security procedures and the implementation of controls and processes to meet its requirements;
  • Ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, and guidance for information processing flow throughout its lifecycle, within current legal standards;
  • Prevent potential incidents and legal liability of the institution and its employees and service providers;
  • Ensure the normality and continuity of BRQ’s activities, protecting critical processes against failures or significant disasters;
  • Meet the relevant legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements for BRQ’s activities;
  • Minimize the risks of damage, financial losses, market share, customer and partner trust, or any other negative impact on BRQ’s activities resulting from a security failure;
  • Ensure continuous and up-to-date training on Information Security policies and procedures, emphasizing people’s obligations regarding their respective security;
  • Ensure that all Information Security responsibilities are clearly defined and preserved.

This policy is also appropriately available to all employees on the BRQ Workplace Community.