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How can we accelerate

How can we accelerate

your business today?

your business today?

Global digital experience in multiple industries

We specialize in Nearshore, Salesforce, Analytics and Cloud solutions

Staff augmentation to speed up your project

  • Nearshore
  • Compatible time zones
  • English-speaking highly qualified professionals
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of skills

Unleash all your digital power with our Cloud Solutions.

Everything you need in Salesforce

Data Cloud
Community Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Field Service

Extract the full potential of your data

We partner with top-notch technology companies

Providing now solutions for 150+ companies in 12 countries around the world

Mario Kaiex-Itaú, current Director at QuintoAndar

BRQ was crucial in industrializing Itaú's development cycle and digitizing services, notably the AI chatbot. Their partnership, technical strength, and competent management were invaluable.

Francisco MarinhoTechnology Manager at GPA

BRQ has been a constructive partner rather than just a factory, with proactive and proud team members. The partnership with GPA has been successful and is set to continue for the long term.

Renato VazamimIT Director at B3

Through partnership, close relationships and knowledge sharing, BRQ has supported us to overcoming our challenges. They support us defining the solution, add expertise to the topics and help with execution.

Juliana Dias GonçalvesDirector at B3

BRQ takes great care of people, they are all always open and willing to share and contribute to the excellence of our work!

Talk about your business challenges and find out how we can help